I'm a software developer based out of Berkeley, CA. My interests tend to change somewhat organically, but my current skillset is based around Ansible, AWS, Linux, Python, and PostgreSQL. I do keep my eyes on up-and-coming technology though, which you can find under Interests if you're curious.

Books are fun! I like books! If you're looking for good books to read, I'd recommend a few.

  • Lexicon, by Max Barry
    • Sci-fi novel imagining a world where spoken words have unusual sway over people
  • Simple Steps to Data Encryption, by Peter Loshin
    • Whimsical story about Bob, Eve, Mallory, and Alice, their goals and communication
  • Infrastructure as Code, by Kief Morris
    • Best practices in the age of cloud infrastructure and repeatable progress
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie
    • Terrific book advising how to get along with nearly anyone, to build lasting relationships
  • Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson
    • Not really a novel or textbook, but the cartoons and philosophy I grew up reading

I'm a proud member of Hitachi Consulting. The team I work with is part of a sustainability initiative, building an IoT platform to optimize energy consumption to reduce the amount of power that needs to be consumed in order to keep facilities safe and comfortable.

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